Add a Photo Help

Follow the steps to add a photo or graphic to your new page



Question: How do I add an Image to my story?

Step 1:

If you are not already in the editing screen, click the edit icon (a pencil) in the upper right corner. Place your cursor where you'd like the image. Click on Image button in the top toolbar.

Step 2:

“Image Source.” Select "An Image from the File Galleries" in the drop-down box.

Step 3:

Click the monitor icon to the right of the in the "File ID" field.

Step 4:

"Upload File." "Browse"

Step 5:

Select “Browse." Locate the file on your computer and select "Open."

Step 6:

"Upload File." Click on the image. You will be taken back to the Image pop-up window. Select "Insert" and the image will be added to the place where your cursor sits in your article! To format the image, use the Photograph Formatting Style Sheets.