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What to know about being a being a responsible contributor



Question: What content is appropriate?

Content should always be:

  • Neutral in tone and unbiased. ChippePedia is best when it is a source of facts and a place to share personal stories (but not gossip). A disciplined writer can do much to avoid bias, even when relating controversy. See Conflicts of Interest for guidelines regarding the most common threats to neutrality.
  • On topic. The subject of the ChippePedia is the Chippewa Valley. The relevance of the topic should be clear. For discussion, see What to Write About.
  • Compatible with ChippePedia's copyright policy. Do not steal copyrighted work. Give credit to all sources. And do not protest when your contributions are amended, deleted, superceded or otherwise appropriated under the terms of the applicable licenses.

Users should always be:

  • Civil to each other, and,
  • Helpful to the goals and philosophy of the project.

If you have questions about this policy, contact the ChippePedia administrator at support at chippepedia.org

The policy for ChippePedia was adapted from a policy found on Bhamwiki.com.

Question: Do I have a Conflict of Interest?

Conflicts of interest arise when a contributor's aims are not in line with the goals and ChippePedia — to share the history and culture of the Chippewa Valley . The most common conflict occurs when a contributor is writing about a subject on which he or she have strong feelings or bias, which makes it difficult to maintain neutrality as a quality of the resulting article. The site does not exist to promote, entice, recommend, influence or insult anyone or anything. It exists only to inform.

Because the scope of ChippePedia covers great detail within a limited region and can be quite personal nature, opportunities for conflict will arise and will sometimes be unavoidable. Rather than prohibit people from writing on topics close to them, we ask that some special care be taken to correct for potential biases and that all editors work with the larger community of contributors to further the aims of the project.

This agreement was adapted from a agreement found on http://Bhamwiki.com.

Question: How can I avoid Conflicts of Interest?

Make an effort to write in a neutral tone. Avoid boastfulness, puffery and ad-copy on one hand and derision, derogatory statements and libel on the other.

When writing history, cite reliable, third-party published references so that readers can verify the information we present here. Limit claims for which no published source exists to uncontroversial facts. It is better to avoid critical judgments altogether than to leave them uncited.

Reasonable people from either side of a controversy should be able to agree with what ChippePedia says on any subject. Where controversy rages, we must take extra care to faithfully represent the bare facts rather than to enter the fray.

It is best not to create or edit an article about your life history.Share stories, but don't provide birth to adulthood experiences. If you're a significant local figure, somebody will write about you.

Disclose your relationships: If writing about a topic in which you have some personal interest, your connection to the subject should be made explicit on your user page and the article's talk page.

Make efforts to involve other editors. When expanding or amending articles on subjects which might present a conflict of interest, engage with the larger community. And when others do step in, engage in collaboration rather than edit-warring to resolve disputes.

These guidelines are neither unbendable nor exhaustive. Above all use common sense and respect the goals of the project and the opinions of fellow editors. Clear defiance of the spirit of these guidelines will be treated as a violation of ChippePedia's User Agreement and will be dealt with accordingly.

This agreement was adapted from a agreement found on http://Bhamwiki.com.

Question: What are the ground rules that I need to follow?

To become a contributor to ChippePedia, users must agree to the following terms:

Users will contribute to the goals of ChippePedia, to create an accurate, objective, accessible, and comprehensive resource for anyone curious about the Chippewa Valley.

Users will abide by the policies of ChippePedia. Contributions that are historic in nature should be cited from reliable sources, written to be free of bias, about or related to the Chippewa Valley in some form, and compatible with our copyright requirements.

Users will write about their own memories and experiences, not what they remember hearing from a neighbor. The site shall not be used to extend rumor, create myths, and spread gossip.

Users will only edit information above the Our Stories heading. Anything below that heading is somebody else's story. You can add your own story, but don't change others stories.

If a user adds a story, s/he will include at least her/his first name and year the story was added.

Users will maintain a civil and productive attitude in collaborating on this project. Disputes should only arise regarding article content, and those disputes will be handled generously and humbly. Procedures for resolving disputes will evolve as needed, but Wikipedia's established processes are a good general guide.

Incidents of failure to abide by these agreements and policies will result in reversing of improper edits and a warning — Gentle reminders for harmless errors and strong warnings for abuse or vandalism. Repeated infractions may result in a temporary blocks, permanent bans, or other action. Violations of copyright law or libelous statements will be removed immediately and dealt with harshly.

Ultimately the administrators' decisions on any matter internal to ChippePedia will be final and without appeal. We don't plan to ever be unfair, but if you think we have been, don't try to harass us. It won't help.

Note: Public figures or representatives of organizations and businesses covered in ChippePedia are welcome to contribute under the same terms. It is helpful for the transparency of the project if such associations are highlighted on your user page. For more discussion, see the Conflicts of interest page.

This agreement was adapted from a agreement found on http://Bhamwiki.com.

Question: What do I need to know about Copyright?

Copyrights are the privileges granted to creators of works to protect those works from unauthorized reproduction and use. Copyrights are protected by Copyright Law under national jurisdiction and international agreement. Contributors to ChippePedia relinquish most copyright privileges and must refrain from infringing on the copyrights of others.

Contributing to ChippePedia

Unless otherwise noted, all content on ChippePedia will be assumed to have been released by the project's main license, the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License version 3.0 This release allows content from ChippePedia to be copied and used for any purpose provided that ChippePedia is given credit as the source (by providing a link back to the article) and any copies or derivative works are given the same or a compatible license with no further restrictions.

Public Domain content

The use of public domain content carries with it no legal obligation. As a courtesy to our users, however, it is suggested that extensive quotations, and especially images and other media copied from a public domain source be clearly labeled as such to facilitate downstream re-use. A citation of the original source is, of course, still required by our citation policy.

For works published in the United States prior to 1923, use "This work was published in the United States before 1923 and is now in the public domain.

For works created by the United States Government, use "This work was created by the United States Government and is in the public domain.

Fair Use

In United States copyright and trade mark law, the courts have allowed protected works to be used without permission under certain conditions, outlined in the legal doctrine of "Fair Use". (See Wikipedia: Fair Use(external link)). ChippePedia is a non-commercial enterprise intended to report factual information and collect stories about living in the Chippewa Valley. That purpose is enhanced by the judicious use of protected media under Fair Use doctrine.

In general, ChippePedia claims Fair Use for the following (when no free alternative is available):

  • For trademarked logos on articles about companies or products identified by that logo.
  • For screen shots of copyrighted motion pictures, tv shows, web sites or video games to illustrate articles about those works.
  • For copyrighted books, magazines, album covers or event programs used to illustrate articles about those publications, events or their creators
  • For copyrighted images such as postcards, photographs, paintings, etchings or drawings used to illustrate articles about what is depicted in the image or articles about the creator or publisher.
  • For photos that illustrate historical events, demolished landmarks, historical personages, etc.

Fair use images should be uploaded at screen display resolution to discourage unauthorized uses by others. They should be labeled with the "Fair Use Snippet" and link back to this page. In cases where the use of a protected work could negatively affect the creator's rights, we should seek permission or forego its use here. If the owner of a work requests that it not be used, we should err on the side of caution.

By Permission

Where freely licensed works are unavailable and the owners agree to allow it, ChippePedia can publish copyrighted works. All such work reproduced by permission should be tagged with "Permission Snippet" and accompanied by a full description of the circumstances surrounding the grant of use. The name of the copyright holder, the year the work was created, and a statement from the owner that ChippePedia can publish the work should always be included. If specific terms apply, those should also be stated.

Materials under copyright that are published by permission remain the property of their copyright holders and should not be distributed or reproduced elsewhere.

Known copyright violations on ChippePedia will be deleted at once and without further notice. All users are encouraged to assist with this policing. If you are aware of a copyright violation you can either remove it yourself using the "edit" tab or send an email to support at chippepedia.org. Repeat violators of ChippePedia's copyright policy will be blocked from editing.

This policy was adapted from a policy found on http://Bhamwiki.com