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Question: Add a New Page

Step 1:
Log in. If you haven't registered, choose "Register" from the menu at the left side of the page and follow the instructions. You will be sent an e-mail after your registration has been approved. You will be able to create pages after you have received the e-mail.

Step 2:
"List of Pages" Choose "Create a Wiki Page" tab. Enter title and choose "Create Page."

Step 3:
Write your story or memory.

Step 4:
Go to the "Categories" tab (at the top of the toolbar, next to Edit Page). Select the category or categories that best fit your story (you can select as many categories as you want). Select a Historic Time Period category for your story.

Step 5:
Choose "Preview" or "Save".

For Additional Help:
See the How to Add a Photo page and What to Write About page.

Question: Edit a Page

Step 1: Log in if you haven't already

Step 2:
Select "Edit this Page" located at the bottom on the page.

Step 3:
Make changes.

Step 4:
Choose "Save."

Question: What are the ground rules that I need to follow?

To become a contributor to ChippePedia, users must agree to the following terms:

Users will contribute to the goals of ChippePedia, to create an accurate, objective, accessible, and comprehensive resource for anyone curious about the Chippewa Valley.

Users will abide by the policies of ChippePedia. Contributions that are historic in nature should be cited from reliable sources, written to be free of bias, about or related to the Chippewa Valley in some form, and compatible with our copyright requirements.

Users will write about their own memories and experiences, not what they remember hearing from a neighbor. The site shall not be used to extend rumor, create myths, and spread gossip.

Users will only edit information above the Our Stories heading. Anything below that heading is somebody else's story. You can add your own story, but don't change others stories.

If a user adds a story, s/he will include at least her/his first name and year the story was added.

Users will maintain a civil and productive attitude in collaborating on this project. Disputes should only arise regarding article content, and those disputes will be handled generously and humbly. Procedures for resolving disputes will evolve as needed, but Wikipedia's established processes are a good general guide.

Incidents of failure to abide by these agreements and policies will result in reversing of improper edits and a warning — Gentle reminders for harmless errors and strong warnings for abuse or vandalism. Repeated infractions may result in a temporary blocks, permanent bans, or other action. Violations of copyright law or libelous statements will be removed immediately and dealt with harshly.

Ultimately the administrators' decisions on any matter internal to ChippePedia will be final and without appeal. We don't plan to ever be unfair, but if you think we have been, don't try to harass us. It won't help.

Note: Public figures or representatives of organizations and businesses covered in ChippePedia are welcome to contribute under the same terms. It is helpful for the transparency of the project if such associations are highlighted on your user page. For more discussion, see the Conflicts of interest page.

This agreement was adapted from a agreement found on Bhamwiki.com.

Question: What should I write about?

This is a regional encyclopedia and we don't need to include the big topics that are found on Wikipedia. In fact, if the topic is on Wikipedia — don't just copy it from there and stick it here. We want this site to be about our place and our experiences. Connect to bigger events and topics by sharing personal experiences about "where you were when..."

If you're leaning toward contributing, just do it. Hopefully, someone will clean up after any messes.

Here are some topics to get you thinking:

Hunting. Fishing. Trapping. Cross-stitching. Raising animals. Participating in 4H. Going to a CV fair.

Going to Water Street. Protesting something in the CV. Attending a cultural event – downtown, at the university, at a religious center.

Your memory of when you heard about Pearl Harbor or Kennedy or 9/11. Going to your cabin. Luther Nursing Program. Camping in the CV.

Gambling at Regional Casinos. Working at Uniroyal, Cray, CVTC. Snowmobiling in the CV. Shopping at London Square Mall, Oakwood Mall. Dancing at Fournier's Ballroom or the Pines Ballroom.

Participating in a fish-eating contest at the Albertville Tavern. Sledding in the CV. Bonfires in the CV. Your personal experiences in the military.

A great teacher at your school. House histories. Gordy's. Acoustic Cafe. Menards. Hank Aaron's year in Eau Claire.

More Examples:
1. Concert venues? yes. Individual concerts? probably not, unless they shook the world. Your experiences at the the concert venue. Definitely.

2. Published authors? depends. Nationally distributed book deal? yes. Guest column in Family Times? probably not, unless it shook the world.

3. Local legends? Only if they are truly local and well-known and you can cite published or otherwise verifiable sources. If they've become famous, like, say, Hank Aaron (who really was only in Eau Claire a year), then write about your memories of his stay in here but not his whole life history. Leave that to Wikipedia.

4. Natural disasters? yes, but limit it to events that had a significant impact on your life or the life of the region.

5. Local businesses? Yes, except fly-by-night operations or local franchises of national chains. (Major local franchise operators, however, should get articles). Gordy's and Acoustic Cafe should be here as should Menards. If you want to know about Starbucks, go to Wikipedia.

6. Individual buildings? Make a case. Downtown buildings seem important enough, but not every Kwik Trip along Highway 53. Individual houses that are noteworthy due to historical status are eligible. A new Wal-Mart in Rice Lake, not so much.

7. Bands? This could potentially be a tough arena. For now, let's say having a CD on sale in an honest-to-god retail establishment or appearing under the same name with the same line up more than 10 times over the course of a full year would be a reasonable threshold. Not every side project needs a separate article, but if you want to list side projects on a notable musician's bio, that's cool.

8. High Schools? We can accept more detail than Wikipedia does, but remember we're still aiming to be an encyclopedia, not an almanac, and NOT Facebook for the Chippewa Valley. Tell us about notable teachers, but not popular students. State championships are great to mention. The score of the JV game, not so much. If it appears outside the sports page or the neighborhood section in the Newspaper as a story (not just a statistic) it's probably ok.

9. Military Experiences? yes, but talk about what you did and where you were. Leave the history of the conflict, war, battle to larger sites.

10. Yourself? We welcome corrections and input, but want to avoid whatever tendency there may be toward puffery and away from neutral, verifiable information. See Conflicts of Interests for further discussion.

This page is modeled after a similar type page found on Bhamwiki.com(external link)