Thomas, Katharine

Katharine (often misspelled "Katherine") Thomas (18??-19??) served as one of the original faculty members of the Eau Claire State Normal School, now known as the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  

Thomas graduated from River Falls Normal School before completing course work at the University of Minnesota and the Columbia Summer School.

She joined the first faculty of the Eau Claire State Normal School upon its opening in 1916, listed as "Critic, Seventh and Eighth Grades" in the 1917 edition of The Periscope, the school's yearbook. The Normal school offered various kinds of teacher training courses, including training for 


Model school teacher, 7th and 8th grades. "As sites for experimental education, model schools were prominent features of pedagogical Progressivism" . . . "a place for nascent teachers to gainexperience" (Building Excellence 1916-2016," pg. 13)

Served 196-1946?