Boree, Ephram

Ephram Boree came from England to Eau Claire in 1856 when there was just one house, a log cabin, on the west side. He and his wife, Hannah, settled in the town of Union at a place known as Boree's prairie. Hannah died in 1897 at the age of 88 and left children: Martha (Mrs. Roderick Elwell), Mrs. J.P. Borroughs and Charles, and grandchildren, William Elwell and Mrs. Jesse Warner.

Martha Boree Elwell died in Aberdeen, Wash., in 1925. She was born in England in 1840 and married Roderick Elwell in 1861. Elwell died in 1894. Their children were William and Mrs. Albert Noyes. The Boree farm was later the Churchill farm and then the Ed. Forester Place.

(From The River Flows On: A Record of Eau Claire, Wisconsin from 1910 - 1960, by Lois Barland, 1965.)

The voters of The Village of Eau Claire City met at the Niagara House on Water St. on April 7, 1857 to elect town officers. Mr. Boree was elected treasurer and pound (post?) master. He was found unqualified for the former post and a Mr. Deming appointed that November.

(From "Sawdust City", same author p. 12)

U. S. census has Mr. Boree in Lisbon, WI in 1850 with wife (H)Anna and children Eliza(beth), William, Martha, Maria, Charles and Francis. Living in the next residence is William Bush Candell, wife Mary and children William Bush, Jr. and David Pitt Candell.

The census of 1860 has the Boree family (minus Elizabeth and William) living in Half Moon (Eau Claire) in a house with two other families and a hired man, Henry Howard, with a total of 19 people. The other two families are Joseph and Mary Roach and children and the Candell family, already mentioned. Five years later, William Candell, Jr. married a Roach girl. The people from this house produced many offspring that populated Shawtown, including Fisher, Pope, Murphy, Candell, Roach and Bridges.